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When celebrating my daughter’s 16th birthday at an amazing restaurant in the pitch black darkness and the waiter has the room sing happy birthday to her. I could feel her blushing. Anytime someone was being walked out they randomly yelled out Happy Birthday to her ! So much fun and weird when you see absolutely NOTHING!!
We highly recommend!!! ❤

Jeeves | posted on Instagram

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As mine and one of my BFFs’ birthdays are couple of days apart, a mutual friend gave us a gift that became an unforgettable experience – dining in the dark aka dinner at O Noir!! I first came across the concept of dining in dark when it was featured on an episode of CSI. I thought eating in the dark was a no brainer but still wanted to try it and was happy to hear Toronto had our own version. We were a little skeptical because some of the reviews about the food were not favourable. Ignore those reviews!! It was a fantastic experience! I don’t like surprises when it comes to food as I grew up hating meat especially red meat so instead of the surprise, I opted for the 3 course featuring chicken. After we placed our orders, the friendly waitress who was partially blind, had us holding hands and in a single file, we went into the dining room. The experience is all about trust and communication and for someone like me who grew up with a nightlight in her Oman bedroom, it was a little overwhelming at first. I loved that I was pushed beyond my comfort zone. My friends and I were respectful of the rules in place so we dined in the pitch dark and didn’t take out our mobile phones. I thought once I was seated, everything would be a piece of cake from then on. I was wrong. The challenge started with the appetizer. I didn’t know if I was slicing accurately and oddly, whenever I tried to eat, my fork kept hitting my nose. It was unexpected as I didn’t realize how much I rely on my vision to guide my fork into my mouth. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts at slicing the chicken and trying to take a bite, I embraced the Tamil side of me and started to eat my food with my right hand. I even ate the ice cream on my dessert with my hand!! When my line of sight is impacted, I guess it was natural to go with the sense of touch. I wanted to know the temperature and texture of what I was putting in my mouth. To me that was the fun part and also a humbling experience. I realized the challenges I faced were only for a couple of hours but for many who are blind or partially blind, it’s 24/7. Perhaps it’s why I signed up to be an organ donor.

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Walk a mile in my shoes

by Shawn T | Posted on Yelp

Ever think that being blind would be easy? Think you will be the next Devil of Hell’s Kitchen? Think again.This restaurant allows you to truly walk the same path as a blind person and I must say, it is not an easy undertaking.I have been in the dark many times, like before bed etc but the level of darkness and atmosphere is just different.This place puts you in a social situation in which you need to use fine motor skills to eat, navigate to and from places and something as simple as “Hey, try this piece of steak girl across from me” ends up becoming a huge logistical undertaking worthy of it’s own episode of Extreme Engineering!I highly recommend going with a group of four or more since it is actually a very fun place.I give it 5 stars for the experience since it is a unique concept that had spread all over mainly through word of mouth.The food however is mediocre but good enough. Like I said, it’s all about the experience.A great place to try but in reality, you will have a one nighter here, it will be an evening to remember, you will never come back but will relive the experience for years to come.

A must do!

by Branden H | Posted on Yelp

This restaurant was fantastic!
The concept of eating without vision was intriguing. The dinner was filled with laughs and good conversation.
We were lead in a line to our table and each person to their seat. This was not just dark but you could not see something right in front of your face.The waiters/waitresses were all blind and allowed us to see how aware you need to be without the vision.Taking away one sense is said to increase your other senses so as taste and hearing which I believed to be true in this experience.The meal was extremely delicious. I had the chicken and it was cooked to perfection. I also had a surprise beer which was a nice surprise.The whole experience was unlike anything I have ever done and I hope this spreads to other cities.

A must do!

O.Noir for our first actual date

by Maia E. | Posted on Yelp

My now boyfriend booked O.Noir for our first actual date so this place is very special to me. I read a lot of mixed reviews as well as watched some YouTube videos as to what to expect since I’m not good with the unknown. We got to the restaurant which was downstairs and it was dim inside. When you get in there’s a bar area where you can have drinks to wait to be brought to the rooms. We also ordered our meals at the bar area before we went into the dark. The cost was $39.95 for a 3 course meal or $32.95 for a 2 course. We both had the 3 course surprise meal. At first I wanted to order the items but then I thought to myself why not get the surprise meats it’s not everyday that I come to this place.
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The Blind Date

by Jenn | How to Win Date Night

“It’s better in the dark”

Have you ever heard of the show Dating in the Dark? It was a reality show that aired in 2010 about strangers meeting in a pitch-black room and literally going on a blind date. Not only did participants not have a clue what their date looked like, but the experience was meant to encourage people to form bonds based on personality, not looks.

Luckily, my next date night suggestion does not force you to have dinner with a complete stranger, but instead offers you the chance to try out this cool experience with your significant other instead. It’s called O.Noir!
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Five of Toronto’s Most Unusual Restaurants

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Following the success of its Montreal branch, Canada’s first dining-in-the-dark restaurant opened a second location in Toronto in 2009. The idea is to heighten the sensory experience of eating by completely removing the visual element: patrons eat in pitch darkness, served and assisted by visually impaired waitstaff.

Let the ‘blind date’ jokes begin.

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