Dine in the Dark?

O.NOIR Toronto will take you on a culinary journey through uncharted territory, where the usual things: food, drinks, and the usual chat – turn into a wonder to be discovered and explored, as if for the first time!

When you “dine in the dark”, without the sense of sight – the sense of touch, hearing, taste, and smell are amplified.

You will be served by a member of our visually-impaired wait staff, and you will be pleased by the efficient, professional, and friendly guidance provided by our capable server.

While you might think that O.NOIR is just about the novelty experience and not the food, this is not true! Our past guests have equally enjoyed both the unique service concept and the delectable dishes. That’s why more and more people come to O.NOIR every year!

Come dine with us for great service, a delicious meal, and a culinary experience like no other!

O.NOIR: “It’s better in the dark!”



How the experience works:

Upon arrival in the welcoming, and well-lit, lounge, you will review a first-class menu, and a sighted bartender will take your order. There are two meal options: either a three course meal (starter, main, dessert) or a two course meal (starter and main, or main and dessert). Drinks are also ordered before entering the dark room. You may choose to order surprise dishes or drinks to make this unique experience even more delightful or adventurous.  When you’re ready, you’ll be introduced to and greeted by a blind, or visually impaired, server at the door of your dining room. The server will lead you to your table in the dark room. All ONoir servers have been trained to ensure your comfort in the dining rooms. Once seated, you’ll have the opportunity to adjust to the darkness and truly give yourself to this extraordinary experience. Foods and drinks will be served in order by your server. Extra food or drinks can be ordered with your server in the dark room. If you need assistance or have any questions throughout the dining experience, call your server’s name. After completion, your server will then guide your way out, and direct you to the pay station in the lit lounge. A bartender will take care of your bills and may answer any remaining questions you may have.


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  1. What do the waitstaff who are not visually impaired wear to see in the dark, or other staff?

    • Staff do not wear devices to see things. Non visiaully impaired people do not
      serve in the dark room. The vision impaired ones handle the dark rooms.


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