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As mine and one of my BFFs’ birthdays are couple of days apart, a mutual friend gave us a gift that became an unforgettable experience – dining in the dark aka dinner at O Noir!! I first came across the concept of dining in dark when it was featured on an episode of CSI. I thought eating in the dark was a no brainer but still wanted to try it and was happy to hear Toronto had our own version. We were a little skeptical because some of the reviews about the food were not favourable. Ignore those reviews!! It was a fantastic experience! I don’t like surprises when it comes to food as I grew up hating meat especially red meat so instead of the surprise, I opted for the 3 course featuring chicken. After we placed our orders, the friendly waitress who was partially blind, had us holding hands and in a single file, we went into the dining room. The experience is all about trust and communication and for someone like me who grew up with a nightlight in her Oman bedroom, it was a little overwhelming at first. I loved that I was pushed beyond my comfort zone. My friends and I were respectful of the rules in place so we dined in the pitch dark and didn’t take out our mobile phones. I thought once I was seated, everything would be a piece of cake from then on. I was wrong. The challenge started with the appetizer. I didn’t know if I was slicing accurately and oddly, whenever I tried to eat, my fork kept hitting my nose. It was unexpected as I didn’t realize how much I rely on my vision to guide my fork into my mouth. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts at slicing the chicken and trying to take a bite, I embraced the Tamil side of me and started to eat my food with my right hand. I even ate the ice cream on my dessert with my hand!! When my line of sight is impacted, I guess it was natural to go with the sense of touch. I wanted to know the temperature and texture of what I was putting in my mouth. To me that was the fun part and also a humbling experience. I realized the challenges I faced were only for a couple of hours but for many who are blind or partially blind, it’s 24/7. Perhaps it’s why I signed up to be an organ donor.

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