Jasmin A.| Posted on Yelp


You have to be open-minded for an experience like this. Some of us tend to over think everything. The restaurant is located in a corner and you have to go down some stairs. It doesn’t look fancy on the outside but to me, it made it all the more inviting. We were visiting Toronto and I wanted to surprise my BF w/a new experience. He knew something was up when he saw the Braille alphabet on the wall and a vision impaired man carrying at least 5 drinks on a tray entering a room! We were seated in the lounge with other people and a hostess came to take our order. We were then called and were given instructions- phones off, hold on to waitresses shoulder and walk. It’s scary to trust a stranger but that’s what it’s all about. I ordered all the surprise dishes and it did not disappoint. I had rice w/a succulent beef curry (I think) as a starter, a bbq style pork and mashed potatoes w/green beans for main course and a coffee tasting cheesecake for dessert. The boyfriend had the Cajun fish and we both enjoyed our meals. My food was seasoned well and so was his. The fuzzy navel is dangerous–it was soo good! My waitress was polite and professional. I couldn’t even find my mouth and she took all these plates and drinks! The things I take for granted…

Jasmin A.|Posted on Yelp