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The Blind Date

by Jenn | How to Win Date Night

“It’s better in the dark”

Have you ever heard of the show Dating in the Dark? It was a reality show that aired in 2010 about strangers meeting in a pitch-black room and literally going on a blind date. Not only did participants not have a clue what their date looked like, but the experience was meant to encourage people to form bonds based on personality, not looks.

Luckily, my next date night suggestion does not force you to have dinner with a complete stranger, but instead offers you the chance to try out this cool experience with your significant other instead. It’s called O.Noir!
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Five of Toronto’s Most Unusual Restaurants

by Jamie Sarner | Toronto Life

Following the success of its Montreal branch, Canada’s first dining-in-the-dark restaurant opened a second location in Toronto in 2009. The idea is to heighten the sensory experience of eating by completely removing the visual element: patrons eat in pitch darkness, served and assisted by visually impaired waitstaff.

Let the ‘blind date’ jokes begin.

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Unique Dining Experiences (O.NOIR Review)

by Jesse H | Posted on Yelp

Booked this as a Groupon as it seemed like it would be a fun date night for my girlfriend and I, and we definitely weren’t disappointed, as it turned out to be pretty much everything we expected and more. It would be worth it even at the full price, and we’ll almost certainly go back again in the future.

As other reviewers have pointed out, there is no understating that you’re dining in the *dark*. Pitch, black, inky, darkness. They ask you to turn off cellphones and avoid any clothing or jewellery such as watches that may illuminate or glow, and in our experience, everybody was pretty good in that regard. It was dark to the point that your eyes actually play tricks on you for the first little while until you’ve sort of fully adjusted and your brain has accepted that you’re not going to be seeing anything for the next two hours.
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Dining in the Dark (O.Noir Review)

by Lindsey Evanoff | Posted on Happy or Hungry

On Sunday evening, Evan and I had a double date with our good friends Emily and Corey.

It was Emily who suggested O.Noir aka dining in the dark (at Church and Wellesley) and I seemed to recall hearing of it before but not really paying attention, so if you are new to the concept like I was I will tell you, you dine in the DARK. Not just with the lights off, I mean totally, 100%, black out dark. Zero light whatsoever.
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Top 10 Unique Restaurants in Toronto

by Selena Singh | Posted on

Toronto is known for its nightlife and great dining. Whether you’re feeling romantic or adventurous, there’s sure to be a restaurant that will fulfill your needs.

The top 10 unique restaurants in Toronto each offer an unforgettable experience and delicious food.
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Toronto Valentine’s Day Ideas for a Not-So-Average Date

by Brent Gladney+ | Posted on Before Last Call

Valentine’s Day has become an over-hyped, highly commercialized, capitalist time of year. Couples now feel shamed into thinking they don’t love each other unless they spend a good chunk of their savings account or perform some outlandish act depicted in a Hollywood movie. Boy, that’s a depressing way to start a post about Valentine’s Day. Let’s turn it around. Read more

Canada’s Most Creative Restaurants

by Jamie Sarner | Posted on Toronto Life

Following our exploration of the world’s most creative restaurant designs, we hone in on the rich and varied dining experiences available in Canada. The world’s second largest country (geographically), Canada is also a rich tapestry of cultural and historical traditions. Read more

Where beer is the New Black

by Peter Carter | Posted on Today’s Trucking

The restaurant that my wife Helena took me to for my birthday on the weekend was completely dark.

Dark like a photographer’s darkroom without the little light on.

I’m talking your-hand-may-or-may-not-be-in-front-of-face-you-can’t-see-it-anyway dark.

And even though we sat there for about 90 minutes, our eyes didn’t adjust.

We were out with two of our closest and longtime friends (you would not want to be there with enemies) and had a marvelous time. Read more

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