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O.Noir: Dining in the Dark

by Hayley Seidel

Ever wondered what it’s like to experience culinary delights in the dark?

An odd concept perhaps, but O.Noir, which is already extremely popular in Australia, Europe, L.A, Montreal and New York, invites customers to eat in total darkness! Not only are visitors dining in the dark, but also all of the servers are visually impaired. The idea is that, since the body’s other senses are not being stimulated, the sense of taste is heightened and more intense. Read more

Restaurant Gives Patrons a Taste of Darkness

by Sophie Tolias | posted on Good News Toronto

In the culinary world, they say you eat first with your eyes; hence the emphasis fine dining establishments place on food arrangement and garnish decorating.

None of that matters at O. Noir, where visitors leave not knowing what the food looked like, and in some cases, even what they ate. Read more

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