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Where beer is the New Black

by Peter Carter | Posted on Today’s Trucking

The restaurant that my wife Helena took me to for my birthday on the weekend was completely dark.

Dark like a photographer’s darkroom without the little light on.

I’m talking your-hand-may-or-may-not-be-in-front-of-face-you-can’t-see-it-anyway dark.

And even though we sat there for about 90 minutes, our eyes didn’t adjust.

We were out with two of our closest and longtime friends (you would not want to be there with enemies) and had a marvelous time. Read more

O.Noir: Dining in the Dark

by Hayley Seidel

Ever wondered what it’s like to experience culinary delights in the dark?

An odd concept perhaps, but O.Noir, which is already extremely popular in Australia, Europe, L.A, Montreal and New York, invites customers to eat in total darkness! Not only are visitors dining in the dark, but also all of the servers are visually impaired. The idea is that, since the body’s other senses are not being stimulated, the sense of taste is heightened and more intense. Read more

Top 10 Unique Restaurants in Toronto

by Selena Singh | Posted on

Toronto is known for its nightlife and great dining. Whether you’re feeling romantic or adventurous, there’s sure to be a restaurant that will fulfill your needs.

The top 10 unique restaurants in Toronto each offer an unforgettable experience and delicious food.
Read more

Dining in the Dark (O.Noir Review)

by Lindsey Evanoff | Posted on Happy or Hungry

On Sunday evening, Evan and I had a double date with our good friends Emily and Corey.

It was Emily who suggested O.Noir aka dining in the dark (at Church and Wellesley) and I seemed to recall hearing of it before but not really paying attention, so if you are new to the concept like I was I will tell you, you dine in the DARK. Not just with the lights off, I mean totally, 100%, black out dark. Zero light whatsoever.
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