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PJ Norton-Hall | posted on Facebook

When celebrating my daughter’s 16th birthday at an amazing restaurant in the pitch black darkness and the waiter has the room sing happy birthday to her. I could feel her blushing. Anytime someone was being walked out they randomly yelled out Happy Birthday to her ! So much fun and weird when you see absolutely NOTHING!!
We highly recommend!!! ❤

Jeeves | posted on Instagram

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As mine and one of my BFFs’ birthdays are couple of days apart, a mutual friend gave us a gift that became an unforgettable experience – dining in the dark aka dinner at O Noir!! I first came across the concept of dining in dark when it was featured on an episode of CSI. I thought eating in the dark was a no brainer but still wanted to try it and was happy to hear Toronto had our own version. We were a little skeptical because some of the reviews about the food were not favourable. Ignore those reviews!! It was a fantastic experience! I don’t like surprises when it comes to food as I grew up hating meat especially red meat so instead of the surprise, I opted for the 3 course featuring chicken. After we placed our orders, the friendly waitress who was partially blind, had us holding hands and in a single file, we went into the dining room. The experience is all about trust and communication and for someone like me who grew up with a nightlight in her Oman bedroom, it was a little overwhelming at first. I loved that I was pushed beyond my comfort zone. My friends and I were respectful of the rules in place so we dined in the pitch dark and didn’t take out our mobile phones. I thought once I was seated, everything would be a piece of cake from then on. I was wrong. The challenge started with the appetizer. I didn’t know if I was slicing accurately and oddly, whenever I tried to eat, my fork kept hitting my nose. It was unexpected as I didn’t realize how much I rely on my vision to guide my fork into my mouth. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts at slicing the chicken and trying to take a bite, I embraced the Tamil side of me and started to eat my food with my right hand. I even ate the ice cream on my dessert with my hand!! When my line of sight is impacted, I guess it was natural to go with the sense of touch. I wanted to know the temperature and texture of what I was putting in my mouth. To me that was the fun part and also a humbling experience. I realized the challenges I faced were only for a couple of hours but for many who are blind or partially blind, it’s 24/7. Perhaps it’s why I signed up to be an organ donor.

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Jeeves |

Jolyn Walker | Posted on Facebook

I was a bit apprehensive when my family suggested we go to ONoir during my visit to Toronto, but I was intrigued and went. The process once your menu items were chosen, in completed darkness, of how they get you seated, the service and the exit were superb, additionally this experience engages the customer to actually empathize with one whose sight is impaired and must rely on others. The dinner, drinks and dessert were delicious. The food was delivered hot and and if we needed anything else, our waiter was right there to help! Dave was our waiter and he was extremely helpful and could probably feel my anxiety and quickly put it at bay. :-). I would strongly recommend this restaurant.Child-friendly · Great food

Jolyn Walker | Posted on Facebook

Anna RN | posted on Facebook

Anna RN

First time doing anything like this. It was so unique and different, but we loved it. It makes you realize how much we take our sight for granted. The food and service was great. We highly recommend this place!

Anna RN | posted on Facebook

Daviyion .J | Posted On Yelp

Daviyion J - posted on Yelp

Unique dining experience with tasty food and great staff service. I went with my friend and while she opted for the filet steak as her main, I choose the surprise options down the board. I learned after the meal that it was a BBQ-glazed Pork and it was delish. Definitely worth checking out at least once if visiting Toronto!

Daviyion .J | Posted On Yelp

José Antonio Argüelles Romo | Posted on Google!1s0x882b34ad0d546d13%3A0x8410c08daac18927!2m22!2m2!1i80!2i80!3m1!2i20!16m16!1b1!2m2!1m1!1e1!2m2!1m1!1e3!2m2!1m1!1e5!2m2!1m1!1e4!2m2!1m1!1e6!3m1!7e115!!5sGoogle%20Search!15sCAQ&imagekey=!1e10!2sAF1QipNM1ic3W6U-iV-4o6qLfbUQ0-oF8oG8jOkvH-3H

Una experiencia que. cambiará tu vida y la forma que tienes de VER las cosas y entender a los demas.
Debes ir y disfrutar la experiencia

(Translated by Google)
An experience that. It will change your life and the way you have to SEE things and understand others.
You must go and enjoy the experience

José Antonio Argüelles Romo | Posted on Google

Kaveh Mozafari | posted on Google

I really enjoyed the experience at this place. Our helper (Dave) provided an exemplary service that I have never received in any eatery in the past. The food was amazing even though I was more drawn to the overall unique atmosphere. I definitely recommend this place.
Thanks for the thoughtful experience!

Kaveh Mozafari | posted on Google

Taylar Di Venanzo | Posted On Facebook

Amazing experience! We went for our anniversary last night and had Nasir as our server. He was fantastic, enthusiastic and so kind! Couldn’t have asked for a better server. The experience is a must-do for every couple! Food was fantastic, we had the filet mignon, and drinks were great as well. Great atmosphere, 10/10 do it again! Romantic atmosphere · Great food · Creative cuisine · Classic cocktails · Large portions · Fine dining

Taylar Di Venanzo | Posted On Facebook

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Vivie J | posted on

The food was great and the experience even better! Our server was very skilled and kind, she knew the place like the back of her hand. She also give us time to enjoy our food without disturbing our meals. Dining in the dark was a whole new experience for sure! It was incredible to try it. A little scary at first because it’s pitch black but it makes the whole experience more interesting, definitely must try!

Diana Morris | posted on

I took some family members to ONoir for their Birthday Celebration and we all enjoyed the experience soo much. All the staff were pleasant and kind. We absolutely couldn`t help but love our server Dave, he had great energy, was witty and funny also very efficient, service was great and the food delicious. Loved our time here. We were not disappointed. Bravo ONoir . Thank you for the memorable experience. We have highly recommended you and other family members will be visiting your establishment in the near future.

Phyllis Waite Franklin | posted on Facebook

This was such a unique and fun experience! From the first glass of water, to the last bite of dessert, this was an adventurous meal. I got the surprise everything… glad I did! I’m not an adventurous eater, but wanted the true dine in the dark experience. Some of our group regretted not choosing from the surprise menu afterwards. 
Our waiter Dave, was bloody hilarious, right down to his little “joke” on us as we left. We felt comfortable and safe the whole time. The food was great! The meal was not rushed, we were even able to stay a few minutes after we were done and talk over the experience in the dark. I cannot wait to do it again and bring more people!! Thank you!

Phyllis Waite Franklin | posted on Facebook

Jasmin A.| Posted on Yelp

You have to be open-minded for an experience like this. Some of us tend to over think everything. The restaurant is located in a corner and you have to go down some stairs. It doesn’t look fancy on the outside but to me, it made it all the more inviting. We were visiting Toronto and I wanted to surprise my BF w/a new experience. He knew something was up when he saw the Braille alphabet on the wall and a vision impaired man carrying at least 5 drinks on a tray entering a room! We were seated in the lounge with other people and a hostess came to take our order. We were then called and were given instructions- phones off, hold on to waitresses shoulder and walk. It’s scary to trust a stranger but that’s what it’s all about. I ordered all the surprise dishes and it did not disappoint. I had rice w/a succulent beef curry (I think) as a starter, a bbq style pork and mashed potatoes w/green beans for main course and a coffee tasting cheesecake for dessert. The boyfriend had the Cajun fish and we both enjoyed our meals. My food was seasoned well and so was his. The fuzzy navel is dangerous–it was soo good! My waitress was polite and professional. I couldn’t even find my mouth and she took all these plates and drinks! The things I take for granted…

Jasmin A.|Posted on Yelp

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