Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really a pitch black dining room?

Yes! The dining rooms are completely dark. At O.Noir we do everything possible to eliminate the various sources of light, and request our guests to turn off cell phones, hide luminous watches, and remove any materials or devices that may shine light in the dark. While this is rather a voluntary requirement and there is no forceful policing, we ask each guest to respect all the rights and interests of surrounding guests and the core concept O.Noir has created for them.

Why are the waiters blind?

The visually-impaired are the best people capable of doing the job in such a context. You will become blind for 1-2 hours and you really must be able to trust your waiter. It is a true “transfer of trust” and an amazing approach to raise awareness about vision impairment and disability in general. A group of professional, talented, and very kind waiters are always ready to serve you at O.Noir Toronto.

How can we see the menu?

Upon arrival our hosts will be taking your orders in the lit bar once you have viewed the menu. However, you can order more drinks or extra food directly from your waiter in the dining room.  Remotely, you can view online

Is the kitchen dark too?

The kitchen is lit and the cooks are not visually-impaired.

How long does the experience last?

The average will be around 1.25 to 1.5 hours. To accommodate this, we provide at least 2 hours for our guests for each service. On occasion, when guests arrive significantly later than required, we may ask them to order a 2-course meal (main + dessert) instead of a 3-course with relatively faster food service, so that delay is minimized and it does not influence the time and services for other guests.

What is the dress code?

Casual wear is fine. Clothing material that potentially emits light in the dark is not welcomed.

What If I Need To Make A Phone Call Or Go To Washrooms During Dinner?

You can ask the waiter to take you outside the dining room, and either make phone calls (mobile phones need to be off in the dining room) or go to washroom. You can go back to the dining room afterwards with the help of your waiter.

What happens if we forget something in the dark room?

If at any time you need to go back to the dining area, please ask for assistance from the staff. O.Noir dining rooms are not open to any guest for viewing when lit to preserve the whole imagination for all.

Can we bring our own wine?

No. We do have a fully licensed bar with a variety of wine and drinks.

Can we bring our own desserts?

No. Only in rare occasions may you bring a cake with our permission, and we will help you cut and serve the cake to your table in the dark with a service fee ($4.5, plus 13% tax and typical tip) per person.

Does the restaurant also serve meal and drink in lit area?

We generally only serve meals in the dark. In case of 1-2 people in a large group deciding not to have dinner in dark but to stay and eat in the same location, we can occasionally offer meals in a lit area. This option may also be offered to few customers who come at a time in between our two service times, though we do not plan to offer this in general situations. Guests who come well earlier than reserved dinner time may enjoy a drink or two in the lit bar / lounge area if service staff are available and if it does not interrupt dark room services.

Are children accepted?

Yes!  Children aged 6 or above normally enjoy well, and there are no strict age restrictions (from past experience, parents may judge kids aged 5 or below about their patience level and ability to stay long in the dark).  We do not offer a special menu or price for kids.

What about food allergies?

We do accommodate people with allergies. They must mention it to our hosts upon arrival.

Do you offer gift certificates

Yes! O.Noir Gift Certificates are $50 and $60 each. They can be purchased either in the restaurant, or by calling 416.922-NOIR (6647) with credit card information, and we then mail them to you or to someone on your behalf. With time constraints, we can keep the certificates in the manager office here until your guests identify and pick them up on dining day, while a scanned copy of the certificates and receipt can be emailed to you. They are not offered in electronic form. Gift certificates are honored as cash and are non-refundable.

What are the methods of payment?

Cash, Debit, Visa and Mastercard (we don’t take American Express). Payments are made in the lit bar, normally after dining, though guests may choose to pay ahead of completion time to speed up the process when all food/drink items are ordered.

Do you have special prices for groups?

Yes! Please contact us for further details if you have a group of 15 or more. Due to our uniqueness and level of service, high discount rates or commercial advertisements offerings are not available. Group rates are not available on Fridays, Saturdays, and busy holidays.

What are typical tip level?

18% is typical from Onoir guests. Sometimes staff at cashier station near the bar may suggest a tip level (e.g around 18%) if a particular guest does not have a clue or is unfamiliar with debit machine. But guests should make their comfortable decision about how much to tip, and O.Noir management requires staff to respect guest’s ultimate rights.

Can we change or cancel reservations?

Yes, changes of reservations (such as the date or the number of people for dining) or cancellation can be made. For a booking size of 4 people or more, we request at least a 24-hour notice for cancellation or changes. For smaller bookings (<4), notification before noon of the reserved dining date is required. Please consult with O.Noir management for the cancellation policy for corporate events or groups of 20 or more.

How many seats does the restaurant have?

Over 155 seats in dark rooms + a lit lounge where you can view menu and complete orders before coming into the dining room.

Do you provide parking?

No. It’s in downtown distract and there is no restaurant parking and no free parking. Most guests choose to park on the large corner lot of Church & Bloor (with Green P machines, at $10 + tax for overnight flat). There are street meter parking spots on Charles St. and other nearby parking lot (such as service at Charles & Young) as well.

How is accessibility of the restaurant?

For guests with wheelchairs or with some disability to walk by stairs, access to the restaurant through the elevator of the building (Town Inn hotel) via front entrance (at 620 Church St.) is the best option. There are a few steps inside the restaurant, and portable wood ramps can be provided to allow guests to reach anywhere in the restaurant. The washrooms are not fully fit with wheelchairs and guests have to find own solutions as done previously.

Are o.Noir toronto and o.Noir montreal the same company?

The two O.Noir restaurants share the same trade name, dine-in-dark concept, website, and occasionally some booking and business information, and were both opened under the supervision of O.Noir founder and former owner Moe Alameddine. But they are independently operated and belong to different owners and companies. O.Noir Toronto is a larger facility with a larger number of seats, the largest of this kind in the world.

Notice and Disclaimer: There are very small fraction of guests who may feel less comfortable after entering the dark room. Guide servers may suggest you to stay longer and adjust yourself, and many do become more comfortable and then enjoy the whole experience. But it is the responsibility of the guests who should judge your anxiety level and decide whether to stay or to be guided out of the dark room.