Surprise Vegetarian Starter

O.Noir Filet Mignon

Shrimp Risotto with Mushroom and Garlic

1 Glass of Wine

Dark Chocolate Cake

Fruit Sorbet

Surprise Meat Starter

Seafood Starter

Vegetarian Starter

O.Noir Filet Mignon with Potatoes and Vegetables

Chicken with Potatoes and Vegetables

Cajun Fish with White Rice and Vegetables

Shrimp Risotto with Mushroom and Garlic

Penne Pasta with Light Tomato Sauce or Cream Sauce or Rose Sauce

Soy-Teriyaki Vegetable Stir-Fry with Rice

Surprise Main

Surprise Main – Vegetarian

Fruit Sorbet

Ice Creams (Vanilla + Chocolate)

Butter Tart

Dark Chocolate Cake

Surprise Dessert

White Wine

Red Wine

Special Wine

3-Course Package:

Starter/ Main Dish / Dessert


2-Course Package:

Option-A: Starter + Main
Option-B: Main + Dessert

$38 (A or B)

Wine $8.0 – $9.5

Beer  $5.75 – $8.0


Gift certificates (each $50 or $60 value) are available and can be purchased either
in restaurant or by calling with credit card information to be mailed to you.
Gift certificates are honored as cash and non-refundable.

  • All Three Surprise Dishes Are Not Listed on the Menu.
  • Please notify your dietary needs (including vegetarian and food-allergy) when ordering.
    We will try our best to accommodate your specific requirements.
  • Price does not include tax and tips. 18% gratuity may be suggested to your bill but at your discretion.

Small fees for guests leaving after being seated in dark: a small number of guests who came, made food order, and were seated via assistance of guide servers and experienced the initial dark room service, but decided to leave before food preparation. While we understand that guests did not really consume meals, the process took away seats from other potential guests and required a portion of staff time and service. Therefore $6 will be charged for each guest who leaves before food preparation.  Guests will be charged / taxed full amount for foods and drinks already prepared.  Thanks for understanding.