Toronto Valentine’s Day Ideas for a Not-So-Average Date


by Brent Gladney+ | Posted on Before Last Call

Valentine’s Day has become an over-hyped, highly commercialized, capitalist time of year. Couples now feel shamed into thinking they don’t love each other unless they spend a good chunk of their savings account or perform some outlandish act depicted in a Hollywood movie. Boy, that’s a depressing way to start a post about Valentine’s Day. Let’s turn it around.

I remember when love meant getting picked by your schoolyard crush in duck, duck, goose. Or buying them their lunch on that first day of freshman year. Or believing in their dreams when no one else would. All that wonderful, sappy stuff.

Valentine’s may have been taken over by horticulturists, Ferrero Rocher and Victoria’s Secret, but even the stone-cold hearts feel a bit of guilt if they don’t do at least somethingromantic on February 14th. It may be warped and cloaked in altruistic media motives, but Valentine’s Day still deserves some of your attention, so we’ve done a bit of digging to provide you with the following list of not-your-average date ideas for Cupid’s big day.

If you’ve got a special someone you want to impress this year, skip the flowers, chocolates and lingerie and go with an option that gives you both a more eclectic date experience. Singles can get involved too, this isn’t just about couples keeping the fire burning, it’s also about making a new spark. If you want to try the not-so-subtle approach, share this post with someone you’ve got your eye on. Who knows, it just might work! Or if you’re not quite sure and want to stick to the traditional forms of wooing, there are more than enough Toronto restaurants and events as a back-up plan.

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas


The premise alone is enough to have you intrigued: restaurant dining in complete darkness. O Noir offers its patrons “a sensual dining experience like no other” and we all know sensual and Valentine’s Day go hand in hand. The experience of conversing, dining and being in each another’s company, all in complete darkness, is meant to heighten your other senses. Just like absence makes the heart grow fonder, so too does blackness make the other senses stronger. Also, O Noir’s entire wait staff is blind, so you’re in good hands. Being unable to see your date for an hour also creates a bit of excitement for whatever you plan to do post-dinner. One last thing: you don’t have to worry if there’s something stuck in your teeth.


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