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by Shawn T | Posted on Yelp

Ever think that being blind would be easy? Think you will be the next Devil of Hell’s Kitchen? Think again.This restaurant allows you to truly walk the same path as a blind person and I must say, it is not an easy undertaking.I have been in the dark many times, like before bed etc but the level of darkness and atmosphere is just different.This place puts you in a social situation in which you need to use fine motor skills to eat, navigate to and from places and something as simple as “Hey, try this piece of steak girl across from me” ends up becoming a huge logistical undertaking worthy of it’s own episode of Extreme Engineering!I highly recommend going with a group of four or more since it is actually a very fun place.I give it 5 stars for the experience since it is a unique concept that had spread all over mainly through word of mouth.The food however is mediocre but good enough. Like I said, it’s all about the experience.A great place to try but in reality, you will have a one nighter here, it will be an evening to remember, you will never come back but will relive the experience for years to come.